Тестер BENNING ST 710

Тестер BENNING ST 710

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Battery-operated Appliance Tester for mobile testing of electrical devices

Safety-related testing of electrical devices/work equipment such as e.g. electric tools, motorized equipment, lamps, extension cables, household appliances, electrical office machines, consumer electronics and information technology.

  • testing in compliance with DIN VDE 0701-0702, BGV A3, BetrSichV (German Health and Safety at Work Regulations), ÖVE/ÖNORM E 8701, NEN 3140
  • quick - complete testing within 10 seconds
  • easy - operation by means of three keys
  • mobile - testing can be made network-independently
  • protective conductor resistance with a testing current of 200 mA DC and automatic polarity reversal
  • insulating resistance with a testing voltage of 500 V DC
  • protective conductor current and contact current by means of alternative leakage current measurement method
  • voltage measurement on external shock-proof socket (L-N,L-PE, N-PE)
  • automatic testing procedure for devices of class I (key 1), class II/III (key 2) and line test (key 3)
  • testing of cable reels, multiple distributors and device connecting cables with rubber connector
  • measuring result with “pass/fail” information
  • limiting values preset in compliance with DIN VDE standard
  • indication of correct function key in case of incorrect operation and if the test sample is not switched on
  • sufficient battery capacity (4 x 1.5 V, mignon, AA, IEC LR6) for 2500 test samples
  • three-phase test objects can be tested by means of optional measuring adapter
  • carrying case, test cable with alligator clip, appliance cable, battery set


indicating range

graphic display

protective conductor resistance

0,01 Ω - 20 Ω

insulation resistance

± 200 mA DC

insulation resistance

0,01 MΩ - 20 MΩ


500 V DC

protective conductor current/ contact current by means of alternative leakage current measurement method

0,01 mA - 20 mA


40 V AC, 50 Hz

line test

RPE, RISO, short-circuit test and continuity test of phase conductor (L) and neutral conductor (N)